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Privacy Policy


Personal data

The only personal information I collect are names, emails, address and telephone numbers for each of my clients. This is to ensure I can contact you before or during an event and post any images, prints or albums to you.


How I collect and store your data

The data I receive is either through my website contact page, via email directly, social media platforms or over the phone because you have contacted me. Some enquiries come from third party contact forms that are sent to my email that you have consented to. All of your personal information for admin purposes is either stored on a passworded email account, passworded cloud storage or as paper copies which are held in a secured office within an alarmed house. For booking forms, I use a secure website called ‘signable’ also GDPR compliant, so that you can fill in your details securely online. If you enquire but decide not to book me, your information is archived and then deleted within my emails after an appropriate period.



My website may sometimes use ‘cookies’ for security and to maintain your computer’s session to the server. I do not share or sell any of this information through the use of cookies to any third party or for any purpose. If you prefer that cookies weren’t used when you’re visiting my website, feel free to check your browser settings to block all cookies from my website.


How your data is used

Your information is not shared or sold to any third parties and will only be used within Emilie May Photography’s admin. Any second photographers that are hired for an event are provided with your names and telephone numbers only to contact you on the day, if they need to. I only send emails to recent clients to any offers on my products, but otherwise I don’t send any emails to you after you’ve received your images. If you’ve had your wedding featured either in print or an online publication, only the information you provide in the wedding questionnaire will be given.


Your Images

When I share your images on my online client gallery, these are supplied on a passworded account using a GDPR compliant company. I only keep these galleries live for 1 year after your wedding, unless you’ve ordered an album and therefore it will stay live until you make your selection. So that I can promote myself and show potential clients what lovely work I do and the venues I’ve worked (likely the reason why you booked me), I may occasionally use your images on my website, social media and brochures. I do state this in my booking form but if you’d wish to keep your images private, for whatever reason, you can opt out if you’d wish to.


Rights to your data

If you have any questions about how I keep your personal data, feel free to drop me an email and I’d be happy to explain this. If you’d like me to completely erase your personal information from my databases after you’ve received your images, just let me know and I’d be happy to do so.

If you’d like further information on GDPR or have any concerns about how I use your data, you can get all the necessary information through the ICO’s website at https://ico.org.uk